Kickoff meeting 03th February, 2020

Kickoff meeting of CE FET project SUPERGALAX

“Highly sensitive detection of single microwave photons with coherent quantum network of superconducting qubits for searching galactic axions”

Project number 863313

03rd of February 2020, SPIN-CNR Pozzuoli – Via Campi Flegrei 34
Conference room “Antonio Barone”

The kickoff meeting was held in Pozzuoli (Italy) on the 3rd of February, 2020, at the Institute for Superconductors, Oxides and Other Innovative Materials and Devices of the (SPIN- CNR), Conference room “Antonio Barone” (via Campi Flegrei 34, Pozzuoli). The detailed program of the event is presented in Appendix 1. The list of participants of the kickoff meeting involved in the SUPERGALAX project is shown in Table 1. The kickoff meeting was divided in two sessions: public session and closed session.

Tabel 1. List of participants of the SUPERGALAX consortium kickoff meeting

Dr.Mikhail Lisitskiy Dr. Nassim ChikhiNational Research Council of Italy (CNR), Institute for Superconductors, Oxides and Other Innovative Materials and Devices (SPIN- CNR), Italy
Prof. Marco Affronte Dr. Claudio Bonizzoni Dr. Alberto GhirriInstitute of Nanoscience (NANO-CNR), Italy
Dr. Claudio GattiNational Institute for Nuclear Physics, (INFN),Italy
Prof. Alexey Ustinov Dr. Hannes RotzingerKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Prof. Ilya Eremin Dr. Mikhail FistulRuhr-University, Bochum, Germany
Dr. Alexandre Zagoskin Dr. Alexander Balanov Dr. Patrick NavezLoughborough University, United Kingdom
Prof. Evgeni Il’ichev Dr. Gregor OelsnerLeibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany
Dr. Alice Meda Dr. Giorgio Brida Dr. Emanuele Enrico Dr. Mauro RajteriItaly’s National Metrology Institute, Italy

Public session

Public session was open to CNR and University researchers who are not directly involved in the SUPRGALAX project but are interested in the scientific field of the project.

Opening: Welcome & Introduction

The meeting was opened by Dr. Mikhail Lisitskiy as a Project Coordinator. Then the welcome was done by Dr. Roberto Cristiano- the Director of the filial of the SPIN-CNR in Pozzuoli- who considered the SUPERGALAX project as a continuation of the Superconducting Detector topic founded in Italy by Prof. Antonio Barone. Dr. Ivo Rendina- the Director of the ISASI-CNR and the Third Research Area of Naples – dedicated his short welcome talk to the importance of the collaboration between the CNR institutes during the realization of the SUPERGALAX project.

The Welcome & Introduction was concluded by the short presentation of the SUPERGALAX project by Dr. Mikhail Lisitskiy .

Presentation of current and future scientific activities of the SUPERGALAX Consortium

The PIs of each node of the Consortium gave a scientific talk. The speakers presented the scientific background and expertise of their respective groups in different research fields such as axion searches with quantum sensing, coherent quantum structures as systems for quantum-limited detection, coherent macroscopic quantum dynamics on different physical platforms, experiments on collective states of interacting qubits, detection of single microwave photons by Josephson devices, microwave photon source based on Josephson effect, material research for quantum technology. All presentation were focused on the illustration of the possibility to utilize the scientific ground of the groups for realization of the SURERGALAX project.

Closed section

Steering Board creation

As was provided by the Work Package 8 , the Steering Board was created from WP leaders, namely: Dr. Evgeni Il’ichev (the leader of WP1), Dr. Mikhail Lisitskiy (Project Coordinator, the leader of WP2), Dr. Alexandre Zagoskin (the leader of WP3), Prof. Ilya Eremin (the leader of WP4), Dr. Giorgio Brida (the lieder of WP5), Prof. Alexey Ustinov (the leader of WP6), Dr. Claudio Gatti (the leader of WP7), Prof. Marco Affronte (the leader of the group of the CNR-NANO).

Discussion about joint scientific activities for the realization of the project

Operatively, it was decided to focus on three main activities which have to be carried out on the SUPERGALAX project, and created the working groups related to these activities, namely:

Working group 1: “Sample design and fabrication”

Working group 2: “Modeling of detection process and definition of measurement protocol”

Working group 3. “Final test experiment”

Logo of the project

Project website

Dissemination ways of the project activity

Congresses and Workshops

The Coordinator informed that he has received the kind invitation of the Chairman of the WOLTE 2020 congress (June 2020, Matera, Italy) to organize the special session “Quantum Detector”. The central part of this session will be the SPERGALAX project. The coordinator invited all PIs of the SUPRGALAX consortium to make oral talks in this section. The Coordinator told that nevertheless the WOLTE2020 was not mentioned in the Work Package 8, the Special session around the SUPEGALAX project would be a nice opportunity for its dissemination. The Consortium agreed with the Coordinator and the participation in the WOLTE 2020 was approved. The Consortium decided to exploit the WOLTE 2020 event in order to organize the next project meeting in the frame of this Congress.

Dr. Mikhail Fistul informed about the situation with the organization of the International Workshop “Searching Galactic Axions and Superconducting devices with Quantum Efficiency” (SUPERGALAX) which will be held in the Republic of Korea, Daejeon, on October 2020.

Administrative and financial aspects

Date and place of next meeting

Next meeting of the SUPERGALAX consortium will be organized on June 2020 in Matera, Italy, in the frame of the WOLTE 2020 Conference.

Meeting ended with social dinner