Oral contribution at Zoom seminar talks year 2020

Oral contribution at Zoom seminar talks year 2020

Organization notices

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the International Workshop “Searching for Galactic Axions and Superconducting Devices with Quantum Efficiency” (SUPERGALAX) previously planned at October 26-30, 2020 in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, has been postponed to October 25-29, 2021, as tentative dates. Zoom seminar  talks connected with the postponed Workshop  “Searching for Galactic Axions and Superconducting Devices with Quantum Efficiency” were organized by the Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems (PCS) of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) [Scientific Coordinators: Dr. Mikhail Fistul (RUB, Germany), Dr. Mikhail Lisitskiy (SPIN-CNR, Italy), Prof. Yannis Semertzidis (IBS-CAPP, Republic of Korea)] on October-November 2020.

Program of the event

The announcement of the Zoom seminar is reported in Appendix  1. The following talks have been delivered in the framework of the Zoom seminar:

October 20 Tuesday 5 pm (KST/ UTC +9)
Dr. Claudio Gatti, 
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy 
Title: “The European experimental landscape of direct detection of Axion Dark Matter” 

October 27 Tuesday 5 pm (KST/ UTC +9) 
Prof. Frank Deppe, 
Walther Meissner Institut Garching, Germany 
Title: “Beyond the standard quantum limit of parametric amplification” 

November 3 Tuesday 5 pm (KST/ UTC +9) 
Dr. Woohyun Chung, 
IBS-CAPP, Korea 
Title: “Axion Dark Matter Research with IBS/CAPP” 

November 10 Tuesday 5 pm (KST/ UTC +9) 
Prof. Alexey Ustinov, 
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany 
Title: “Exploring collective states of superconducting qubits” 

The Abstracts of the presentations are reported in Appendices 2-5. The topic of the  Zoom seminar was Detectors with quantum efficiency for Axion Dark Matter search. The SUPERGALAX project is devoted to the same scientific field as the Zoom seminar and two participants of the SUPERGALAX project, namely, Dr. Claudio Gatti and Prof. Alexey Ustinov have taken part of the Zoom seminar with the presentations which were dedicated in main part to their research activities in the realization of the SUPERGALAX project. So the Zoom seminar event was utilized for dissemination of the SUPERGALAX research project. 

Technical aspects

The seminar was organized on the ZOOM platform. The special link has been created for seminar access and diffused between large number of participant. It was possible to attend the seminar also via the PCS Youtube link:


This link is available to follow the registered copy of the Zoom seminar presentations except the talk of Dr. Frank Deppe who didn’t give the permission to upload his presentation on Youtube platform.