Seminar for Industry Audience – 1st  February 2024

The Seminar for Industry Audience was held on 1st  February 2024 in virtual format on the Teams platform.

The participants from industries were Dr. Marco Arzeo (SEEQC, Ilaly), Dr. Alessandro Bruno (QuantWare, Netherlands ), Prof. Giuseppe Vallone (ThinkQuantum, Italy), Dr. Emilio Depero (Zurich Instruments, Switzerland), Dr.  Federica Mantegazzini (Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Italy) and Dr.  Ugo Zanforlin (Leonardo, Italy). The agenda provided two presentations from the SUPERGALAX consortium and a presentation from each industrial participant; a final panel discussion was held to exchange ideas on the possible applications or commercialization of the devices realized within the project. The planned presentations from SUPERGALAX project were: “Single photon detector based on superconducting qubits networks for quantum metrology and sensing” by Dr. Mikhail Lisitskiy, CNR -SPIN, and “Photon emission correlation between two modes of the parametric down- conversion microwave beams for assembling the heralded single microwave photon source” by Dr. Emanuele Enrico, INRIM. For the SUPERGALAX consortium, the development of a single photon detector based upon superconducting qubits networks, as well as a heralded single photon source in the microwave regime, are of the utmost interest in quantum metrology and sensing. The aim of the Seminar was to hear, from industries, what they think the possible applications in industry could be. 

In the Round table discussion came out that a possible application is the Quantum Radar, also known as Quantum Illumination. The main conclusions of the Round table were that even if not mature enough for commercialization, the hardware developed in SUPERGALAX can be potentially useful in the following applications: 

– Quantum Radar application

– Quantum computing application

– Medicine application (imaging techniques)

– Quantum communication application (microwaves for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)).

The video of the Seminar for Industry Audience can be seen in this link (restricted access)