The 16th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity , 3th – 7th September 2023, Bologna, Italy

M. Lisitskiy

 “Superconducting qubit network as a single microwave photon detector for Galactic Axion search.”

Invited talk presented on 04.09.2023


Experimental search of galactic axions requires detection of single photons in the microwave range. We propose a novel approach to detect single microwave photons based on a coherent collective response of quantum states occurring in a superconducting qubit network (SQN) embedded in a low-dissipative superconducting resonator. A layout of T-type three terminals SQN detectors containing 10 flux qubits weakly coupled to a low-dissipative resonator and transmission line was developed and optimized. The samples were fabricated by Al-based technology with Nb resonator. The SQN detector was tested in terms of microwave measurements of scattering parameters and two-tone spectroscopy. A substantial shift of the resonant drop in the transmission coefficient (dip frequency position) induced by the pump second-tone signal was observed. In addition, the shape of the dip frequency position on power of the second-tone signal depends on the second tone frequency and this phenomenon manifests the frequency dependence of the SQN detector to the second-tone signal. A theoretical study of the SQN interacting with a low-dissipative resonator in the strongly non-equilibrium regime is presented and compare with experiment. Application of the JTWPA as a heralded single-photon source for the calibration of the SQN detector via heralding is discussed.

Co-authors of presentation 

C. Gatti (1), M. Affronte (2,3), A. Balanov (4), C. Bonavolontà (5), C. Bonizzoni (3), G. Brida (6), F. Chiariello (7,8), N. Chikhi (9), G. Coda (5), A. D’Elia (1), D. Di Gioacchino (1), E. Enrico (6), I. Eremin (10), M. Ernajes (9), E. Il’ichev (11), L. Fasolo (6), M. Fistul (10), A. Ghirri (3), A. Greco (6), C. Ligi (1), G. Maccarone (1), A. Meda (6), P. Navez (4), G. Oelsner (11), M. Rajteri (6), A. Rettaroli (1), B. Ruggiero (5), S. Savel’ev (4), P. Silvestrini (5,12), S. Tocci (1), A. Ustinov (13), P. Vanacore (5), A. Zagoskin (4) and M. Lisitskiy (9).

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The materials of presentation of M. P. Lisitskiy has been accepted for publication in the in the conference proceedings:

1.  E. Enrico; C. Bonavolontà; G. Brida; G. Coda; E. Il’ichev; L. Fasolo; M. Fistoul; A. Meda; L. Oberto; G. Oelsner; M. Rajteri; B. Ruggiero; P. Silvestrini; M. Valentino; P. Vanacore; M. Lisitskiy; Superconducting Qubit Network as a Single Microwave Photon Detector for Galactic Axion Search, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity ( Volume: 34, Issue: 3, May 2024), doi: 10.1109/TASC.2023.3340640